Learn How to Jump Start a Car – How to Fix a Car

If your car is not running due to a low battery the jumper cables might help you out. This video shows you how simple it is to make an emergency jump-start.

The items needed for an emergency Jump Begin

For an emergency jump start, you will need to have jumper cables. It is also necessary to have an automobile with a charging station that can charge the battery. For charging the battery, the cables link both the charging system and cable.

How do you connect the jumper cables securely

To stop internal sparks from popping out, it’s important to connect jumper cables correctly. Both vehicles should be in neutral when connecting positively to the positive post that is on the battery of both cars. You then connect the negative jumper cable to the negative post on the good battery and an element of metal to the vehicle with the dead battery.

When the cables are installed, the vehicle will be started. The system for charging will operate to charge the battery. pkawgdxc56.