3 Facts about bookmarking and sharing in socila media

Twitter bookmarklet

Visit, leave and come back anytime you want. This is what many online users used to do. They visit and once they like the page, they bookmarked it for later visits. Today however, they do more than just visit, leave and come back. They share. They share to Facebook and other social networking sites. If you have a website and if you are doing an online campaign or web promotion, you know the importance of users sharing to social media. A simple share to Facebook can actually make a product or service be seen by millions in just a few days. The right video can go viral as people share it to Facebook. At the same time, you cannot ignore the power of users bookmarking the page. All these can be really quite confusing and taxing for those who are doing their own marketing campaigns. So to help you get a better idea about these practices, here are simple facts about bookmarks and bookmarking in social media.

First there is the bookmarks in browsers. Bookmarks or the option to bookmark is not something new. Users for hears are familiar with bookmark this page option in their browsers. And they have been using it for years. They know that that they can actually go back to the site because of the bookmark. They also know that it is more than just a simple bookmark. Bookmark in Chrome for example, allows them to access their bookmarks anywhere they are and anytime they want by simple logging in. Management of bookmarks is also another tool offered by the bookmarks in our browsers. Users however cannot share to Facebook their bookmarks.

Second, there is the bookmark tools, such as the Delicious bookmark. Similar with the bookmarks in browsers, users need to have their Delicious account. Whenever they need to access their bookmarks, similarly they will log in. Now the difference with these news tools is that they can do more than access and manage their bookmarks. They can now share to Facebook and other social media sites. In other words, the share to Facebook and social media is a limitation of the bookmark in browsers that has now been overcome by these bookmarking sites or tools. And since users regularly share to Facebook, a lot of people are now using these tools.

Third, if you have a site, you should have the various share options, such as share to Facebook, Tweet and Twitter bookmarklet and others. At the same time, you might want to submit your site to social bookmarking sites. The social bookmarking sites will allow users to see your site and share it to Facebook and other social media. As you use the bookmarking sites, you will also see a big difference in your ranking. This is because of the links. You will also have higher targeted traffic on your site.