How Are Low Voltage Cables Installed? – This Week Magazine

ow low voltage cabling is fitted.

There are times when a customer chooses to add an additional location. Construction can be prone to this. Construction workers must adjust in order to satisfy the customer’s requirements when this occurs. If, for instance, there was a completed, solid wall and the client requested another data location that wall would comprise trenches and some conduit put on top to satisfy the customers needs.

Access points are situated in the entire area of construction. The customer as well as employees to use the network wirelessly throughout the warehouse.

If the user wants to add another data location after the fact, what they need to do is use an uncolored cable that matches the ceiling, but does not show.

An 18-2 high-voltage cable gives plenty of connectivity to speakers. A couple of speakers will create a complete stereo system in the space.

To know more about the process of how low-voltage cables are placed, view the following video!