What Is a Segmented Carbon Ring Seal? –

If you work with pressurized objects, there is a good chance that you’ve used sealing segments made of carbon. What do you know about their use? Continue reading to find out more about their uses today.

Carbon seals are meant to keep fluids and gas from flowing through the sealed container. These are commonly seen as practical solutions for jet skis or motorbikes. They are also utilized in many different manufacturing systems such as turbine engines. They create the seal by placing them in low-pressure space. You see a similar system in your sauce jars at home.

This type of seal has been used for larger machinery, such as containers and tankers. The quantity of segments within the seals’ ring are dependent upon the size of the machine they’re used in. There are a variety of manufacturers who provide custom-made items.

The video will show the process of making these items. It talks a bit about o-rings, which are similar in design to carbon seal rings except that they are made out of rubber. Contact a local business for more information about the possibility of purchasing the products that you need for your manufacturing facility.