Check Out These Top Minecraft Server Hosting Companies – Computer Arts Magazine

In the time since its debut around 10 years earlier, Minecraft remains one of the most popular PC games. According to, Minecraft has over 170 million active users per month. While there are several possibilities to play Minecraft but the most effective method for players is to host their own Minecraft server with one of the top Minecraft hosting services. Given the growing popularity of the game, there are several options for players to choose from.
As stated by the narration in the video, the best Minecraft server hosting provider for players to host their servers is Shockbyte. Shockbyte is a server hosting service that provides top of the line features including 100% server uptime and DDoS defense. These nodes use the Intel Xeon 4Ghz CPUs.
The second best Minecraft server hosting provider gaming enthusiasts is Apex. Apex is an American company was launched in 2013 and offers gamers amenities like 24/7 uptime for servers, quick setup, complete FTP as well as My SQL database access, with a guarantee for a seven-day cash-back. Processing units within the nodes are Intel Xeon CPUs with gigabit internet connections.
The third best Minecraft server hosting firm for gamers is PebbleHost. PebbleHost gives gamers 2FA as well as auto-rebooting after a crash, console logs, and more. k7gl4wnhwu.