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ns and genuine praise sincere praise Classic Catholic Schools. They have good reason for sending their kids to Catholic schools. Find out more information about Catholic schooling.

Five reasons to enroll your Child at the Catholic Classical School

Catholic schools are always a more affordable option compared to most schools in the area, and there numerous scholarship options.

Rigorous Curriculum
Catholic schools are widely known for their excellent academic expectations. With an extensive curriculum and the enrichment classes offered, nobody gets left behind.

Participation in sports teams builds characters and encourages children to be stronger and more fit. Sport scholarships are another advantage.

Studies show evidence that Catholic schools are among the most secure schools in America. With vigilant and caring staff as well as secure buildings and 24 hour security your child will be well protected.

Develop Character
Catholic schools are well-known for their discipline strictness as well as Biblically-based education. They’ve always instilled character and values in students. 47t9bumlff.