How Will Your Custom Banner Be Installed? – Free Car Magazines

A custom-designed banner for your car the windshield of your car. The visuals speak for themselves. This issue should be placed to the experts. The first step is to remove dirt, dust or grime. Furthermore, any wax or polish should be taken off. You can do this with an emollient towel or rubbing alcohol.

The custom banner strips can be affixed to the glass using masking tape, tape measure and tape. The banner should be placed centered to the glass, and it should align with the edges. After they’ve done that and are satisfied, they should peel away the backing paper from the hinge’s edge. Then, they’ll flatten the banner using an abrasive, and then remove all air bubbles.

It’s a task for two persons. For this task to be done well it requires patience and perseverance. The video provides no explicit instructions, but it gives some insights into the placement of banners that are placed on windows. This summary adds to the details that is provided in the video. The above summary will help you put the banner you bought on your car.