A New Way to Bookmark Your Favorite Web Pages

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There is nothing worse than finding a website you love and exiting out of it before you have a chance to save it or remember what it was. That is why bookmarking is an option on web browsers. What many do not know, however, is that there are actually multiple types of bookmarks available to use in different situations. In addition to the common web bookmarks that most people are used to, social bookmarks are also available as way to discover additional web bookmarks.

Bookmarks have been available on web browsers since 1993. When a page is bookmarked, it saves into a folder so you can reference it later. Since bookmarking was first introduced, it has transformed into a way to share and find other bookmarks that will match your interests. The Twitter bookmarklet, for example, allows users to share links to their content on Twitter. Even if the website you visit does not offer this option, you simply just tweet the bookmarklet link, and then it can be saved in your browser as a bookmark.

Delicious bookmarks are also an option. No, that does not mean you can eat them. Having a Delicious account allows you store, share, and discover new bookmarks via social media, and even share to Facebook the bookmarks you find. Users tag bookmarks, and they can discover new bookmarks by grouping links with similar topics together. The bookmarks users tag will automatically become public for others on social media to see, but users have the option of making the tagged bookmarks private. The main goal of Delicious bookmarks is to link as much content together as possible so that many bookmarks can be saved.

Bookmarking has come a long say in the past 20 years. While users previously had to go to each website manually to consider them bookmarked, social bookmarking allows users to quickly and easily find new bookmarks to tag. Once multiple bookmarks have been tagged, your internet experience can evolve into a journey of sharing and saving new content you are interested in.