Police Chases Truck Through Golf Course – Accident Attorneys Florida

o the green. The green is one of many odd things which a dashcam video camera captured from the eyes of a police officer. One officer was watching an automobile when it abruptly turned off to the left. In this clip, you’ll discover what transpires next. It is located on the third video film.

The officer from the police force continued to chase on the green with this crazed driver. It was safe to drive around the green since there were no other vehicles in the area. Vehicles left behind a large amount of tire tracks in the grass. However, the pursuit was on as it climbed and down mountains and rocks and sand traps. The suspect finally was hit by a grey truck. The name of the driver is unclear. The bump caused the truck to spin out, allowing an officer to pin the vehicle. The suspect got out of her vehicle and was swiftly taken into custody. They are likely to find her in some real deep legal troubles. It is possible that she will need to call a bail bond service should she wish to remain out of jail until her trial.