Here are the Most Important Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Manual Wheelchair – Kenya Society of Physiotherapists

The caregiver has to drive the wheelchair. A good indoor and outdoor wheelchair can be a manual wheelchair.

Take note of these points when purchasing manual wheelchairs:

1. The chair’s weight is a burden.
2. The size of the wheelchair

Two essential things you need to know about armrests.

1. armrest , with retractable or flip-up back
2. Longer, fuller length vs. shorterdesk length

All wheelchairs are able to fold. They can fold up and stored inside an automobile or trunk. All of the legs rest can also be removed. There’s a hook-on and a hook-off device. The hooks can be made to accommodate long or shorter legs.

For comfort
1. A cushion and a back are both recommended.
2. To ensure your safety, use an anti-tipping seat belt.
3. If you wish to rest, you can use reclining wheelchairs.
4. Cupholders as well as backpacks for wheelchairs.

There are three kinds of manual wheelchairs
1. Good – super economical although it’s not the most light.
2. Better – it’s elegant and customizable to virtually every aspect to fit your needs.
3. It’s the best – it’s extremely thin and light. It also has an ergonomic back and seat. liyigh198r.